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>> i don't feel like what i did was heroic. because i did what had to be done. >> young man shows how he jumped to the rescue of rohnert park family trapped in burning apartment. good evening. people are alive tonight because of that very brave and quick thinking young man. sergio tonight with the young hero who saved children and his neighbors. >>reporter: as fair was remaining, trevor ran out the back door and saw people on the second floor in trouble. >> there was a lady they were screaming for help 40. >> her apartment window the woman began tossing her 2 young children to him on the ground. >> she drops it was a boy first then a girl maybe two years apart. and then as soon as i look up she's already climbing out the window to jump herself. >>reporter: this is cell phone video shot by neighbor that
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shows how intense the fire was burning. as mother and 2 children he helped got to safety, there were other people who were still stuck in another second there are apartment. >> they were screaming at me for help. they said put up the ladder put up the ladder i'm looking around and right behind me on the ground was a 20 foot ladder. >>reporter: ladder had been left there by maintenance workers. still propped up against the apartment building. it's what 2 adults used to climb to their safety. the fire ravage the entire building and destroyed several cars. right now fire investigators trying to piece together exactly how the fire started but one thing is very clear. they say trevor quick action saved lives. one of his long tame neighbors is a fire captain who responded to this blaze. >> given the amount of damage. amount of fire. he made a difference. >>reporter: for trevor, the gravity of his quick action didn't hit him until hours later when he talked to one of the women he helped save. >> yes basically she was like
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oh, the one who saved me you are my hero. still like i said i'm not used to it. i don't feel like what i did was heroic because i did what had to be done at the time. >>reporter: this is abc 7 new news. >> thanks to alert citizen 3 people are in custody for kidnapping a man at gun point last night in petaluma. witnesses she saw the whole thing happen in the 600 block of sixth street not far from the airport and gave police a description of the gun man and the vehicle. officers found the car and the victim inside. places found gun and drugs in the car. 3 men are being held on 5 million dollar bail. the oakland city council is expected to vote tonight on hiring a controversial police consultant. former los angeles chief william bratton could be paid quarter of a million dollars to help bring down the city soaring crime rate. opponents who he is hiring take issue with his stop and frisk approach. they say it ladies to racial profiling. advocate
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say bratton has a clear track record of reducing crime. there are other crime issues on tonight's agenda as well. whether to hire 11 alameda county sheriff's deputy for additional 90 day, funding of second police academy that would begin in september. and authorizing 24 technician to help police in the field. we have late details on this story at 11 over on channel 7. something like 200 people have signed up to speak at tonight's city council meet something it's a long evening for city leaders. mean time, oakland police have rounded up a handful of suspects after an all night neighborhood search that followed the beating and shooting of undercover officer. officers arrested 2 men on patrol on parole violations and have detained 3 others. police not rae leased their names but do confirm all have tie to local gang and say they believe all 5 are directly connected to the shooting that wounded undercover officer last night. >> we currently have 5 people that are going down being detained involved in this. as
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i told you before we have 3 people who are actually involve in vicious beating as well as the shooting of the officer. the other subject are either going downtown or being detained as far as harboring or assisting in their escape. >> investigators say the gun used to shoot their undercover officer is among at least 5 weapons recovered during the search. officer was shot in the arm and is recovering at home. >> home invasion in the south bay has neighbors worried in san jose. with good reason. police still lacking for the robbers and as vick lee explains, that has residents there wondering who is going to be next. >> nothing like that ever happens here. in our little alcove of alma deny. >>reporter: kathleen should know. she lived 45 years in this the upper middle class neighborhood of shadow brook in the heart of the valley. they were shocked. everyone here today seemed to be talking about the scary home invasion in. this case it was knock on
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the door. they opened the door slightly and suspect basically barged in. >>reporter: police say it happened after 6 last night. 2 or 3 men forced their way in the home at gun point. tied their victims up while they ransacked the house. taking jewelry. cash. electronics. >> stole both of the cars belonging to our victims. park in the garage. >>reporter: victims are rae tired couple in their 70's. their daughter told us they had some minor cuts an pwrawss fwhaw they were not hurt. larry told investigators he was sitting in his open garage yesterday afternoon when he saw a suspicious car carrying strangers who lack lick they were casing out homes. >> saw this big black sedan slowly driving down the stwreet these 3 big guys in it. and few minutes later they come driving back up this way. >>reporter: long time resident told us they have seen a recent increase in crime. historically safe neighborhood where people watch out for each other. >> just few block from here
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maybe half mile there was another carjacking where they took somebody's car an left the person there. >>reporter: door is has lived here 35 years. she doesn't feel as safe any more. michael believes it's because of all the cut backs in the police force. >> used to be patrol occasionally. i never see that any more because simply is insufficient police here now. >>reporter: sergeant dwyer the police p i o doesn't disagree with miss michael. he says there is a negative correlation between the police cut back and some crimes. for instance caims of opportunity. now police are still lacking for the suspects as well as victim 2 cars which they stole. vicka. >> police are looking for a band of thieves who apparentlyc pulled off 2 home invasion robbery in piedmont. according to police 3 armed men kicked in the front door of one home at 6:30 yesterday morning and then they broke into another house less than 2 males away half
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hour later. in the second attack the robbers punched one victim and fired at another. but no one was seriously hurt. >> we were over the bay bridge this morning where big repair job is under way. but the work to fix the bay bridge tower hit by a giant tanker few weeks ago is going to be more complicated and more costly than anybody first thought. details tonight from laura anthony. >>reporter: at the time it was considered a glancing blow with no structural damage to the bay bridge tower that is closest to treasure island. but instead of a hit in the hundreds office thousands of dollars, cal-trans now estimates will cost millions to fix the fenders damaged by the way ward over seas. >> they marshall the equipment mobilizing the equipment they need. everything they are going to need to get the work done unless they do that the first order of business is to remove the damage if he saider systems. >>reporter: much more serious damage caused by the 2
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thousandths 7 costco collision oil spill disaster is looking like a relative bargain. the costco rae pairs took 6 week. 3 week ahead of schedule at cost of 1.5 million dollars. cal-trans estimates it could take up to 4 and a half months to fix the fenders damaged by the over seas ray mar at twice the cost. up to 3 million dollars. >> this did tear off entire sections of the fender where this is damage but still in place so we have to go in and remove that. so at least to start with it will be a little bit more, a little more time consuming. >>reporter: at least initiall initially. money for the latest fix will come from the bay area toll authority which is administered by the metropolitan transportation commission. unmostly clear yet whether mtc goes after the shipping company or the bar pilot association to recoup the money. >> i think it's far too early to know what the answer is going to be one way or the other. what cal-trans is concerned right now is getting
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the fenders repaired so that the bridge is protected from another incident. >>reporter: now as this work proceeds over the next several months cal-trans says there will be no interruption to the ship traffic that travels underneath the bridge. in san francisco, laura anthony abc 7 news. >> still to come tonight on 7 news. where you can get the 49 1.49ers tattoo. ultimate display of pride of your team. california cars. best selling vehicle in the state and the surprising reason so few drivers use the car pool lane. also spencer here with the weather. >> here in the accu-weather forecast center. rain getting closer. show you when you can expect to it hit the ground in my accu-weather forecast coming up. ♪ jose does that star spangled ♪ . >> millions thought she was the highlight of the presidential inauguration. tonight did we inauguration. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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plane is now grounded after couple of electrical fires. today the u.s. federal aviation administration joined authorities in japan who are
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investigating. one of those fires. now lacking into the company that makes the planes lift um battery. >> economy may putting a damper on program l that lets solo drivers using plug in vehicle use the car pal lanes. state set aside 40,000 green stickers for plug in owners. it lets them use the high occupant lane until 2015 but so far only 9,000 stickers have been issued. that's in stark contrast to the joel sticker program that sold out its 8 85,000 stickers. clean air advocate say sales of plug in cars will pick up as the economy picks up. 1400 of these cars were sold in november alone. in the mean time toyota prius has topple the honda civic from the 2 year reign as the best selling vehicle in the state. more than 60,000 people bought the prius last year. compares to just over 57,000 for the honda civic. third on the list is the toyota camry that sold 50,000 plus units.
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and the honda accord that sold nearly 49,000 units. well with 49ers fever running awfully high now speed limit fans want to make a bold statement to show their allegiance so no doubt and they are proud to be among the faithful who weren't to display that pride permanently. here's wayne. >> if anyone questions the length depth briefedth or devotion of san francisco forty-niner faithful they should visit a certain establishment in car michael near sacramento the and take advantage of tom garcia generous offer. >> 49 dollars. only seems right. >>reporter: the gold rush to his fat cat tattoo parlor. 49 dollars for forty-niner tattoo just this design. >> put it on facebook. >>reporter: she shows a gift from her cause. new twist on togetherness. . where are you going to get this one. >> back here. >>reporter: this is not the
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first time he has run the promotion. last year they started it two days before the championship game. 30 tattoo. now we have almost two week normally what would it cost. >> on regular day if you came in for a forty-niner tattoo about the size of my palm would i say about 200 dollars sorry, this is a deal. >> oh, yes. >>reporter: granted the forty-niner ink is basic work compared with some of the other illustration that come out of here but any tattoo on anyone is a statement that last as life time. >> not about one game. whole life. >>reporter: anybody can wear hat or jersey but real fan like brian to put the logo in a four arm. >> go all the way. >>reporter: girlfriend might have had one too but she says she's running out of real estate. >> i have an owl on this side. >>reporter: mean time up in the corner. good spelling is a job requirement. >> sure is. >>reporter: faithful for me
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rush. >> it's up to her in she wants another owl. >>reporter: sec logo like thi this. >> get one. >>reporter: you are out of your head. >>reporter: fine line between being a fan and a fanatic. >> done. >>reporter: saying you are faithful or putting it m yiing. forty-niner special at fat cat tattoo in car michael. are you fan enough? from sacramento county, abc 7 news. that is committed. they must really hope the 49ers win more than anybody else. >> they really do. >> good for them. that's fun. >> spencer is here with the weather forecast. tracking rain. >> we are indeed. it will be a big rainstorm but we get wet weather out of this. live view from high definite figures roof top camera looking at the sky line of downtown san francisco. paning along embarcadero center there and out along the embarcadero a little bit of the bay bridge. we have cloudy skies. high clouds around the
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bay area but almost looks clear out there. low cloud too. live doppler 7 hd not only the cloud but a little pocket of moisture offshore. no rainfall is hitting our location around the bay area yet. temperature readings mainly in the 50's but few location dropped that the 40's. 44 at fairfield right now. 48 at santa rosa and these are the forecast features we see mostly cloudy skies overnight. rain will arrive tomorrow and we have unsettled pattern friday, thursday and friday and perhaps through the weekend. satellite radar composite image show developing offshore. we have a wide expanse of clouds moisture there. in fact stream of sub tropical moisture coming up from the south ahead of the advancing frontal system and this all adds up for to me rainfall for us. tomorrow it's develop for tomorrow and probably won't start until about midday or so. start the forecast animation 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. see we have cloudy skies but no rainfall in the immediate bay area. later in the day system organized by
9:20 pm
11:00 o'clock in the morning or so we see some little pockets of light rain and showers developing later in the afternoon into the evening becomes better organized might even see a few pockets of moderate heavy rainfall in the mid afternoon hours. that continues on that the evening. late afternoon and evening. starts to break a little bit overnight but showers will continue into thursday morning and then through the day thursday we see pockets of shower activity scattered here and there and finally thursday evening starts to wind down so about 7:00 o'clock thursday evening we see rainfall total anywhere from quarter inch to 3 quarters of an inch again not a major rainstorm but it will be wet over about a 24 to 36 hour period. low temperature tonight not cold as they have been in the last few nights but cool. we see lows mainly in the 40's but fairfield drops to probably about 39 degrees and of course skies will be cloudy. tomorrow look for clouds throughout the day. and as i mention pockets of showers or rain developing from time to time. wettest part of the day is mid afternoon to late afternoon into the evening
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hours. high pressure ranging from mid 50's in the north bay up to about 60 in the mildest location. a little farther south rain later to develop counsel around monterey bay. high in the mid 60's and here is the accu-weather 7 day forecast. i have rain showers tomorrow. showers lingering into thursday. drawing out late thursday. mostly cloudy friday. slight chance of showers on saturday and sunday. this doesn't lack like a major rain event but could be some little period of wet weather there. then clouds giving way to sun on monday and tuesday. so that is your typical unsettled and changing, ever-changing winter weather pattern. >> basically pleasant. >> looks pleasant. >> thanks vev d.she or didn't she? beyonce and the backlash over beyonce and the backlash over her inaugural
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>> getting ready for the america's cup in san francisco this fall organizers today announce plans for a temporary waterfront concert venue on pier 27 and 29. construction on the 9,000 seat america's cup pavilion along the embarcadero begins this spring host concert comedy act and family show and america's cup events. sting is the first headliner scheduled to perform at the new venue open june 2nd. tickets go on sale next month. talking about entertainmen entertainment. now to beyonce. performance at the inauguration was widely praise praised. but was she singing or was it a track? did the military band really play? david wright with story hyped the music. ♪ rockets red glare. >>reporter: right down to that
9:26 pm
dramatic flourish with the ear piece. her performance was picture perfect. but was she just acting? earlier today the marine corps band confirmed they were just pretending to play their instruments and flat out said she was lip syncing. band spokeswoman told us we don't know why she decided to go with the pre-recorded music at the last minute. ♪ pilgrim pride. >>reporter: on the platform her fellow performers who did their portion live presumably thought she was singing live too. watch kelly closely here. it is so hard she mouthed. congrats oscillating her. -- congratulating her a precedent. some played air
9:27 pm
violin and cello ato bama first inaugural. cold enough that day to snap the string open this violin. >> oh, beautiful ♪ . >>reporter: yesterday was cold enough to worry james taylor. >> for amber waves of grain ♪ always hard for guitar player to play when cold because the hands sort of stiffen up. i was rae lead to have gotten through it without any major train wreck. ♪ above the fruited plain. >>reporter: late today facing a train wreck of bad p.r, the marin corps band revised its earlier statement. no one in the marine bad is in a position to assess whether beyonce performance was live or pre-recorded. inauguration is supposed to be history. not show business. and history is
9:28 pm
rarely perfect. david wright abc news. ♪ brave. >> so there you go. well there is more to come tonight. still ahead. high tech sunglasses developed in a berkeley lab that can open up the wonderful world of color to the color blind. >> also tonight. anniversary of roe vs. wade law of the land long settled. but after 40 years the division remain. >> plus some of the coldest air in a couple of years. >> it's like needle sticking in your face. >> no matter how cold it gets in the bay area, at least it's in the bay area, at least it's never like this. stay withíáf-
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is. >> new pipeline scanner could take the guess work out of determining which natural gas line are safe. pg&e is testing it writ now. it's part of the utility ongoing evident to improve its safety program ever since of course that deadly 2010 san bruno explosion. here's heather. >>reporter: pg&e san ramone technology center is a testing facility worthy of a science fiction movie set but here it's science reality. >> laser. then these 3 writ here are cameras. >>reporter: this 3d laser scanner maps the surface of natural gas pipeline in high def down to the virtually invisible measurement of 40 mike ron about the width of the smallest human hair. it shows engineers and can calculate for them whether external pipe corrosion is bad enough to make the pipe unsafe. >> because of the fact we are scanning 100 percent of the external corroded area you have a lot more data that you are
9:33 pm
collecting. especially if you go with the high resolution mode. >>reporter: conventional method involves taking chicken wire. painting a grid of 1 inch squares and using a manual tool to measure corrosion dept depth. >> using the laser scanner compared to conventional means would save literally hours and hours and hours. >>reporter: laser beam bounces off the round measure the scanner relationship to the pipe sfachlts being tested and used in the field as part of pg&e regular pipe maintenance program. 2010 san bruno pipeline explosion was caused by the failure of old faulty weld never properly tested. 8 people were killed and 38 homes destroyed. it's unlikely that the laser scanner would have caught those internal shallow weld. it looks at exterior only. pg&e has added new internal inspection tools since then as well. it cost about
9:34 pm
his 100,000 dollars, this device. that's a lot more than chicken wire and spray paint so cost could be a factor in determining whether pg&e gets any more. in san ramone, abc 7 news. another set back for medical marijuana. federal appeals court today affirmed previous ruling on classified pot as dangerous drug with no medical use. reclassification something sought by medical marijuana advocate. pot is considered a controlled substance right now. with high potential for abuse. just lake heroin. lsd and ecstacy. advocate say they may appeal today's decision. >> this mark 40th an versus of it landmark roe vs. wade decision by the supreme court legalizing abortion. decision for decade agatha continues to be contested and debated right in our own back yard. mark matthews has the story. if. >>reporter: in the annual walk
9:35 pm
through downtown los altos pro choice supporters sang songs, debated which side of the street would be best, but never stray from their belief that 40 years after roe vs. wade it's still important to publicly support the court decision and woman right to choose. >> i have 2 daughters and they have full family planning right is very important to me and to them. the fact that somebody else could dictate how they treat their bodies and what they can do with them is just present properties trust. >>reporter: people watching is uniform. >> i don't know why they still have to walk. they have the right for chicago's and i don't know why people are against it. >> something that we don't even really need to march for. it's just something that should already been, we feel it should be written in the constitution somewhere. >>reporter: just few block away at st. nick last catholic church there was a mass this morning to mark the anniversary of the decision for just the opposite reason. >> i am very passionate that we protect the life of the
9:36 pm
vulnerable, unborn this. >>reporter: church used to sponsor a simultaneous march of pro life supporters. who would walk on the other side of main street through downtown los altos. >> now we are encouraging the people to good to san francisco because there's a larger one there. >>reporter: sister is talking about the walk for life in san francisco this saturday. in washington, d.c. today both side met in front of a supreme court. legal battle over abortion rights has really been playing out in individual states. and there anti-abortion forces are winning. 19 states have enacted 43 provisions to restrict abortion. roe vs. wade case original natured in texas the. dallas county. since then state of texas has cut off funding to planned parenthood. women there now must see a doctor and wait 24 hours before they can get an abortion. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> top u.s. commander in afghanistan is off the hook in
9:37 pm
a sex scandal. pentagon cleared general john allen of professional misconduct in exchanging e-mails with woman linked to the scandal that led general petraeus to rae sign as cia director. >> you can't see in front of you. can't see the cars. >> what it out conditions lead to 3 major car pileups in just ohio. more than 150 vehicle all tangled up. 133 million americans are experiencing the big chill. few are spared including fish. weather editor sam champion explains. >> to even the most winter aware. this arctic chill is for real. >> something to do to stay warm here. >> i feel in cold. yes. >> very cold. >> from minnesota to florida. more than a dozen states have winter weather advisory. with major city in the midwest either near or below zero on tuesday. and that wind chill? 50 below zero in maine to 10 below in north carolina. from the midwest to the northeast.
9:38 pm
it's the coldest air in two years. for most of the country it's a sudden and drastic change. in cedar rapid, iowa balmy 51 degrees saturday less than 48 hours later, it was 2 degrees below sear o. temperature swing of more than 53 degrees. >> the wind is ripping. makes it 10 times worns it should be. >>reporter: this was chicago a month ago. today? you won't see any shorts on the street. chicago dropped below zero for the first time in almost two years. and frozen lake michigan left even this poor dog stranded. this arctic blast came in so quickly and powerfully it brought blinding snow. in michigan white out conditions. >> you can barely see in front of you. it's like white out. >>reporter: if working outside like these construction worker workers, there's a real danger of hypothermia, frost bite, even cold air as may. medical experts tell us breathing freezinging air can actually trigger lung spasm.
9:39 pm
>> can't feel my nose or finge finger. >>reporter: how cold? maybe too cold to ice skate. out door ice skating rink in minnesota and wisconsin closed due to fear of frost bite and maybe even too cold for ice fishing. this one caught the fish live but now frozen solid in the bucket. this is abc news new york. >> crazy stunt that brings new meaning to feel your pain. wait until you see how these 2 men handle the pain of having a baby. >> and berkeley built sun glass open up whole new world of vision. adding color to the vision. addinlook at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song.
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that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible.
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barrow island has got rare kangaroos. ♪ chevron has been developing energy here for decades. we need to protect their environment. we have a strict quarantine system to protect the integrity of the environment. forty years on, it's still a class-a nature reserve. it's our job to look after them.'s my job to look after it. ♪ sz about.
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>> hers an interesting idea. brazil is going after illegal loggers in the rain forest. they plan to attach tracking did he vases to the trees. it is admittedly a big project. rain forest is about the size of the united states. now if a tree is cut down the device smaller an cell phone will send an alert to enforcement agent who respond in real time. by figuring out which saw mill the log versus taken the lumber to authorities hope to prevent the illegal sale and profit off this lumber. sometimes the best invention are discovered by accident? that's how local scientist came across what is proving to be a remedy for color blindness. january thon bloom has that story. >> a pair of classic aviator sunglasses run 10 dollars at drugstore. so why would you pay 600 for these? well for starters if you are color blind. andy is taking a test to determine how quickly
9:44 pm
he can tell colors apart. if the test used in the clinical trial for new kind of glass called inchrome that help you see colors better much don discovered it by accident. when his friend borrowed a pair of the laser safety going toll use as sunglasses while playing ultimates 40's beat. he said there's great i can see the cohen. i didn't know what he was talking about. he's color blind and he could see the orange cone on the green grass first time in his life. >>reporter: it's genetic defect in the retina color sensing pigment. >> we have the sensitive to green light. and one that sensitive to red late. you can medley notice that the green and red sensitive photo pigment overlap each other a lot. >>reporter: someone with color deefficiency the red and green overlap so much they both look basically brown. unless you can block a narrow part of the spectrum between red and greechbility that's what this chrome does. meaning orange flower will finally stand out from the green leaves behind it. but for someone with is
9:45 pm
color deficient either way beyond new appreciation for plant life. man made world is built out of color. being able to tell them apart is a matter ofafety. from traffic lights to road sign if you captain see color he says you are more likely to hesitate when you have to make a split second decision. in the clinical trials he says color blind patients made the snap judgments 30 percent faster with the glasses on. what really tickle him is something else. >> point out a lavender flower they have never seen lavender before in their life. you kno know. that is the good moment for me nishtion berkeley, abc 7 news. that is great notch labor of love. up next. the stunt that is cringe worthy for men and gleeful for women. stay
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get pinned but there was nothing this wrestler from south dakota could do about this. this senior managed to walk away after the giant light fell on him during a match last friday. look at this. rae mark bring he only had a small cut on his head. the large spotlight is a trademark for the event held every year in the up to of madison. i suppose they are going to strap it in a little tighter next year. that really could have been a disaster. he's okay. that's the good news. >> okay. let's check in with spencer one last time. spencer we have a lot of lights hanging over us. >> we do. incoming. >> time lapse view this afternoon from east bay camera in emeryville lacking at clouds passing over the bay area sky. cloud moving over thickening throughout the day into the evening hours. as you can see lots of cloud cover right now. high cloud. some pock of moisture offshore. but rain has not arrived yet. it will
9:50 pm
tomorrow however. as a matter of fact not only here in the bay area but we look at the state wide map for tomorrow, northern half to northern 2 third of the state will see some rain fall tomorrow. down south nice and sunny mild with high pressure above 75 degrees. not so here in the bay area. rain will arrive late morning to midday. high pressure ranging from mid 50's to low 60's. here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast. showers will linger into thursday. it will be dry but mainly cloudy on friday. slight chance of rain over the weekend and then partly to mostly sunny on tuesday. tomorrow is a spare the air day. air quality did he cling despite the arrival of rainfall which is rather unusual. >> thanks spencer very much. >> now a crazy stunt by 2 dutch tv hosts. men hooked themselves up to a machine that creates the sensation of labor. they volunteered for this by the way. so could they handle the pain of child birth? here's our news reporter.
9:51 pm
>>reporter: it's the kind of pain that even not exactly rea real. may goes grown men cry. >> oh. labor. >> just to do this the natural way. >>reporter: up until this point only women knew the agony of child birth. which isn't too far off from this scene in knocked up. but now these 2 dutch tv host know all the screaming on the big screen isn't just an act. giving birth really hurts. as part of a stunt these men were hack up to a machine with electrode stuck to their stomach. all to stimulate labor pains. just lick the real thing. the crampping or contractions got stronger. longer. and closer together. they say they did it to better em ep pa thighs with women. not so fast. >> think of it like very strong charlie horse but is it as painful as labor?
9:52 pm
my opinion would be it isn't. >>reporter: so just how long could these 2 take the pain? the average labor last between 12 and 14 hours. but these guys. well, they only lasted 2. this is abc news, los angeles. >> the way they look i don't think it could have taken another 10 hours. >> who invented such a machine? lunatic. >> a woman. >> yes. >> yes. not for you. no. >> in sports. raider great tim brown calls it sabotage. his coach calls it definite mailings. 10 years after the superbowl loss did raiders boss superbowl loss did raiders boss
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>> coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00. extreme price of seeing the 49ers play in the superbowl. faint out how much some fans are paying to take the trip of a life time. >> also. next generation of i-phone is expected to take the touch screen to the whole new
9:56 pm
level. we'll explain what that's all b.those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. you have your question. >> they came out with the 5. already on to the next one? >> the 8 already planned you know that. >> laid it out there. >> hockey 2 games in the season apparently the lock out did not slow the sharks down at all. scored 6 goals in the first period tonight in he had monto monton. balmy 9 degrees there. traffic and weather together. everything frozen there. indoors the sharks offense on fire. 4 minutes in score on the two man advantage. minute later to patrick. back to logo afternoon. 2 nothing sharks. nightmare in the first. then joe no look from marlo. third goal of the young season. here's number 4. back to pady in the slot. shots and scores. still in the first period. less than 2 minutes remaining. rebound. 5-1. oilers even
9:57 pm
show up for this game? mark edward entering the picture. there. rifle shot. 6 goals. that's a record for the shark in the first period. didn't score the rest of the way. didn't have to. 6-3 the final. shark 2 and o on the season. home opener is thursday against phoenix. we are counting down to the superbowl and the raid remembers making news. 2002 raiders. they lost the superbowl 37 to tampa bay. they got crushed in the game. tim brown said on the radio show head coach umbilical hand sabotaged the team. by changing their game plan late in superbowl week. now the raiders were blasted by john buccaneers 48-21. he coach the raiders in previous season to the buck knew every play coming. basically had the game plan audible and check. so now 10 years removed from the game and brown says he believes callahan did not mind handing coach gruden the win. >> after the game guy talking
9:58 pm
about sabotage. absolutely. we knew how much he loved gruden and how much he hated the raiders and walked off the field a couple times and no love with him and the raider organization. >>reporter: i don't know. any way jerry rice said today he agrees with brown on this. whole world has gone mad. everybody know that is it game plan changed late in superbowl week. we have heard players. they all agree to that. what made this thing really explode today was the use of the word sabotage. callahan called brown comments ludicrous and defamatory. game radio x-raye x-rayeder reacted very strongl strongly. >> is he smoking something? this guy is absolutely gone off the deep end. this is a smart man. tim brown is a smart guy. i have always liked timy. smart guy. articulate. great teammate. he couldn't be so much further from the truth
9:59 pm
right now. i call him a boldface liar. >> okay. now to the harbaugh. jim versus john. 49ers and ravens. jim doesn't really yuck it up with the media all that often but he did talking about kaepernick. harbaugh spent 14 years as qb. ask if he ever dreamed about coaching in the superbowl? >> no i can't can't say hi that dream. i will share this with you. that just the way collin runs, the gracefulness of his stride, the ground that he covers, it rae mind me of me when i run. and then i wake u up. >>reporter: sacramento kings signed sealed but not yet delivered to seattle. kings owner have 5 25 million dollar deal to sell the team would i

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